26 2024-04
Laoshan Guan is safe to use Views:19

Laoshan, located in Qingdao, eastern China, is a major mountain range on the Shandong Peninsula and a famous scenic spot. Laoshan attracts countless tourists to visit due to its steep terrain, beautiful scenery, and rich cultural heritage. Laoshan is not only a natural treasure, but also a cultural treasure trove full of historical charm and cultural connotations. In this beautiful mountain range, Laoshan Pipe Industry has become a trusted choice for the construction industry with its excellent quality and excellent service.

27 2020-08
Inherit the spirit of struggle and renew the demeanor of Laoshan Views:1428

Corporate culture is the soul of the company and the inheritance of the corporate spirit. On August 26, 2020, the internal corporate culture training course of "Inheriting the Spirit of Struggle and Revealing the Style of Laoshan" was held at the Laoshan Pipe Industry Technology Operation Headquarters!

13 2020-07
Drunken Laoshan, Passionate Early Summer -----Laoshan Pipe Industry Mid-year Summary Meeting and "Drunken Laoshan Passionate Early Summer" barbecue party ended successfully Views:1463

On July 11, 2020, the mid-year summary meeting of Laoshan Pipe Industry Technology Operation Headquarters was held in the meeting room on the third floor of the company. The meeting kicked off in the Laoshan Pipe Industry Corporate Culture Display. 2020 is an extraordinary year. At the beginning of the year, under the sudden outbreak of the new crown epidemic, companies are facing the test of life and death, survival and death, panic and hesitation! The epidemic brought not only a life and death epidemic, but also a business "battle" that determined the fate of enterprises. The people in the Laoshan pipe industry are taking care of their family...

21 2020-06
6.18 Laoshan Pipe Industry Network Marketing Plan Upgrade Training Views:1373

Under the influence of market economy changes and the "black swan" epidemic situation, the global economic downturn with uncertain factors is testing the ability of enterprises to adapt to market changes and survive and develop. The whole network marketing has entered people's sight and has become a key marketing model for the survival and economic development of enterprises.

10 2020-06
Visiting the sacred sites, embracing history, worshiping the apricot altar, and studying with great concentration ------Laoshan Management Business School travels through the Spring and Autumn Dreams and returns to the country of Lu Views:1387

One thousand years of Confucius and Mencius, ten years of research and learning. From June 5th to 7th, 2020, Laoshan Management Business School 2020 will travel through the spring and autumn with the theme of "Looking for the Holy Relics and Teaching Apricot Altar. Embrace History and Taste Humanities". Yu Ren embarked on a journey of worshipping Confucian culture.

31 2020-03
27 years with you Views:294

Qingdao Laoshan Pipe Industry Technology Co., Ltd. has 27 years of pipeline R&D, production, and sales as a comprehensive enterprise. The company is one of the companies engaged in pipeline R&D, production and sales for a long time in China. It has continued to develop and innovate in practice. Among them, "Laoshan Brand" The development of the ultra-quiet spiral single riser drainage system has solved the problems of large noise and low drainage capacity of drainage pipes in existing building drainage systems. The new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly building drainage system has reached the international advanced level.