10 2017-02
Keep your favorite, because I’m everywhere! Views:258

Nowadays, whether it is in our beautiful coastal city Qingdao, or in the famous city of Xi’an in the northwest of the motherland, or in the United States, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or even Liberia, Tanzania and other countries and regions in Africa, whether it is urban or rural A high-rise building rising from the ground, or an environmentally friendly ecological breeding site, you will see my "Laoshan" brand water supply and drainage pipes! No matter you are majestic and towering into the sky, there are "Laoshan" brand water supply and drainage pipes inside and out to ensure that your "texture" is smooth: Laoshan brand PPR water supply pipes send you clean and healthy drinking water, Laoshan brand PVC drainage pipes For you to unblock the environmental protection drainage and discharge the sewage and grease, the Laoshan brand ultra-quiet spiral single vertical pipe guarantees the tranquility of the night, and the Laoshan brand PE-RT floor heating pipe conveys your enthusiasm and warmth...

23 2016-11
It's snowing in the north, you must pay attention to pipeline construction in winter! Views:267

For the construction of low-temperature hot water floor radiation heating projects, the ambient temperature should not be lower than 3°C. When PE-RT pipes are used as heating pipes, the ambient temperature should not be lower than 0°C. When constructing in an environment below 0°C, a heat source should be used to increase the ambient temperature on site.

27 2016-10
Looking east in Jimo Views:254

Every city is performing its own rhythm, every landmark is remembering its own scenery, and every house is telling a different style. In Jimo, every flower and grass are landscapes, and every soil and stone is sentimental. Jimo, which is rich in historical and cultural heritage, rides on the light rail of the rapid development of the Internet economy. In its eastern part, the blueprint of the Internet innovation zone is planned and e-commerce is incubated. The wings of the future. Now, the east of Jimo is rising.

04 2016-08
To be the leader of human health pipeline Views:263

As the current concept of house construction design is to pass the house’s sewers through the family, and the residents did not live in during the renovation, they would not notice the noise problem of the sewer pipes, especially the indoor sewer pipe is a hidden project. I didn't pay attention to it during the decoration, and it was not accepted during the acceptance. This series of problems will only be discovered after moving in. However, according to relevant investigations, residents above the seventh floor are deeply disturbed by the noise from the sewage pipes.

29 2016-07
China's top 500 private enterprises team up with Laoshan Pipe Industry to create a residential Qingzhou Views:267

On July 26, 2016, Qingdao Laoshan Pipe Industry Technology Co., Ltd. delivered another good news. Shandong Yaowang Real Estate Co., Ltd., a top 500 private enterprise in China, joined hands with Laoshan Pipe Industry to use Qingdao Laoshan Pipe Industry Technology Co., Ltd. for the first time in its development and construction project. The company's PVC\PP-R healthy quality pipe and fitting products provide healthy and environmentally friendly pipelines for the creation of the Qingzhou boutique project!

05 2016-05
Precautions for cold bending of Laoshan brand PVC electrical casing Views:268

The flame-retardant and insulated electrical bushings of Qingdao Laoshan Pipe Industry have strict cold bending requirements. When bending flame-retardant and insulated electrical bushings with an outer diameter of ≤25mm, the special spring for Laoshan Pipe Industry should be inserted into the tube according to the required length. And angle to bend