• 2018 year

    The company took advantage of the trend, strategic transformation, established two production bases in Hebei and Shandong, radiating the North China market, and creating greater customer value.

  • 2017 year

    The second phase of the Bei’an production base land was successfully listed and long-term strategic cooperation was reached with a number of developers as the general contractor, laying the foundation for the company’s long-term development

  • 2016 year

    Qingdao Laoshan Pipe Industry Health Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established, marking the beginning of the company's diversified operations.

  • 2015 year

    Won the honorary title of "Famous Trademark of Shandong Province"

  • 2014 year

    Was rated as "contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise" "China AAA-level building materials enterprise"

  • 2013 year

    Won the honorary title of "Qingdao Famous Trademark"

  • 2012 year

    Laoshan Pipe Industry's Bei'an Production Base was officially put into use and the company's unified integration was completed

  • 2011 year

    Laoshan Brand Product R&D and Testing Center was formally established to escort product quality

  • 2010 year

    One-stop shopping for large-scale warehouse direct sales hypermarket two officially established and operated in Danshan Lingshan base officially put into production

  • 2009 year

    Qingdao Laoshan Pipe Industry Technology Co., Ltd. was officially registered and established

  • 2008 year

    The product experience hypermarket "Pipe World" was established on Licang Shuyuan Road, which was the beginning of the development of retail channels

  • 2007 year

    The company passed the ISO quality and environmental dual system certification audit and entered the standardized management operation stage

  • 2006 year

    Qingdao Laoshan Pipe Industry Technology Co., Ltd. production base officially settled in Jimo Bei'an

  • 2005 year

    One-stop shopping for a large-scale warehouse-style direct sales hypermarket officially opened on Wangbu Section of National Highway 308 in Licang District

  • 1999 year

    The company formally determined "to manage plastic pipes" as its core business and became the first batch of plastic pipe suppliers in Qingdao

  • 1994 year

    The predecessor of Laoshan Pipe Industry Xinxingye Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was established at No. 1131, Binhe Road, Licang District