Chairman Message

Unstoppable wind and rain, just to realize dreams——

Twenty-eight years ago, he dreamed of starting a plastic pipe business. Looking back on the past, there is bitterness, joy, and pride. In order to realize the dream, I will forbear and never leave. In order to realize the dream more than 20 years ago, I dare not slack in the slightest, and have gone through difficulties and obstacles. From nothing to now, I have become an industry leader, and always insist on the business philosophy of "achieving customers and employees". Tomorrow, we must unite all our thoughts, seize the opportunity, concentrate on doing this thing well, and create greater value for employees, customers and society!

Chairman —
Company Culture
  • Positioning

    Brand Positioning

    Well-known brand of healthy plastic pipe

  • Mission

    Company Mission

    Make healthy and assured products to realize self-worth

  • Vision

    Company Vision

    Become the most respected pipeline supplier in the industry

  • Values

    Core Value

    Customer value, teamwork, struggle, innovation, integrity, awe, self-discipline, passion, simplicity, happiness