Laoshan brand ultra-quiet spiral single riser drainage system is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly building drainage system with international advanced level. The advent of this system solves the problem in the existing building drainage system—the problem of building drainage pipes with high noise and low drainage capacity. In view of the above problems, by studying the mechanism of noise generation and the situation of the drainage system, the ultra-quiet spiral single riser drainage system developed by our company has the following major advantages:

Noise reduction

Due to the unique structure of the ultra-quiet spiral single riser drainage system, the sewage adheres to the inner wall of the pipe to form a spiral drop, avoiding the collision between water and air, water and the pipe wall, reducing pipe vibration, and greatly reducing the noise of the drainage system , After testing by the national authority, the building drainage system with a noise index of less than 45 decibels is much lower than the current noise of other building drainage systems, ensuring people's physical and mental health, and effectively improving the comfort of living and office environments.

Super drainage capacity

In the existing drainage system, the flow pattern in the riser is chaotic and the air pressure fluctuates greatly. The water flow in the horizontal branch pipe forms a large water flow at the riser confluence and the water plug problem at the bottom of the riser cannot be solved. Suction, positive pressure spray occurs downstream, which seriously affects the drainage capacity. The ultra-quiet spiral single riser drainage system forms a smooth air column in the center of the riser, which effectively ensures the pressure balance in the pipeline and greatly improves the drainage capacity of the system.


The existing drainage system has a large instantaneous pressure change, which leads to the destruction of the water seal, causing harmful gas in the pipeline to flow into the room, which brings harm to people's health.

Energy saving

According to the GB/T50015-2003 "Code for Design of Building Water Supply and Drainage", the existing drainage system requires venting pipes above 10 floors.


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