The first brand of health plastic pipe
Professional, concentrate, concentrate
---- Pipeline Expert

About Us


Brand Positioning: the first brand of health plastic pipe
Mission: promoting health and environment protection, creating happy life for the society
Vision: to be the leader in health pipes for human
Core Values: faithful, responsible, respecting for customers, cooperative and win-win
courageous to take responsibilities, innovative and dedicated, exchanging the fruit

Six Concepts:
EmploymentConcept: standpoint first,and then ability
PromotionConcept: creatingbenefits,making subordinates touched
Service Concept: findingthe demand, making customers moved
Management Concept: strictness is beneficial,and compromise is harmful
Success Concept: repeat a simple thing
Leadership Concept: lay down the figure, and set himself up as an example
Three Qualities: show up real mind, grow upwards, and go forward regardless of the weather
Six Forbids: Rumor and troublemakers
  Those against the public
  Those against laws and regulations
  Those disclose confidential information
  Those involving bribe corruptions
  Those involving orders privately

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